We get busy dads seriously and sustainably fit, turning them into lean, mean machines - the old fashioned way 

  • Get off the couch and get fighting fit
  • Feel strong and energetic again
  • Master an exercise that can be done any time, any place - no gym!
  • ​Lead the way by example


"Here's to the dads; the heroes, the pillars of strength, the men that never quit"

Run Daddy Run is on a mission to get busy dads off the sofa, out of the office and into the great outdoors; to get fighting fit - quickly and conveniently, no spandex required.

It's all about the tribe of dads!  We welcome dads of all shapes and sizes and get them up and running in no time. We're all there for the same reason and we support each other, having a good laugh along the way.

We run as a pack and never leave a man behind - but make no mistake, we will challenge and transform you!
We take out of shape dads who are completely new to running, or haven’t exercised in a long while and rapidly get them eating up the miles with our 8 week 0-5km Accelerator courses. No matter what state you're in now, you'll leave our course much fitter and a confident, capable runner - and with a new bunch of mates.

For dads who complete the 0-5km course and want to keep up the habit, or who already have the bug and want a strong community to run with, we offer our ‘Up A Gear’ membership.

It's not just about your waist-line!  Regular running brings a tonne of benefits, including a positive attitude boost, significant stress release and an overall increase in vitality, focus and creativity.

Come on dads - time to win it back.  Let's get some miles on our legs.

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Keep up to date with upcoming courses and new clubs in your area

Plus get notified of any upcoming socials that you might want to attend - a good way to meet other dads already getting the miles in...


See below for a list of our currently active running clubs for dads.

We're in early days right now and looking forward to building more fun, effective and accessible run clubs, exclusively for dads throughout East Anglia

Run Daddy Run:  Bury St Edmunds

Join us in the great outdoors at Nowton Park, where Run Leader and founder Stefan is looking forward to helping you put some miles on your legs and get seriously fit.

This club meets on Monday and Tuesday evenings, where we work hard and have a good laugh along the way.

Click below to access the Bury St Edmunds courses
Run Daddy Run will always be friendly, local and accessible.  

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions - or if you're thinking of joining but are still on the fence - we'd love to hear from you. 

Don't hang about: get hold of us using the email or tel. below and we'll get back to you ASAP:
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