We get busy dads seriously and sustainably fit, turning them into lean, mean machines - the old fashioned way

  • Get off the couch and get fighting fit
  • Feel strong and energetic
  • Master an exercise that can be done any time, any place - no gym!
  • ​Lead the way by example


"Here's to the dads; the heroes - the men that never quit (but wouldn't be seen dead in a gym)"

Run Daddy Run is on a mission to get busy dads off the sofa, out of the office and into the great outdoors; to get fighting fit - quickly and conveniently, no spandex required.

Think of it as an insurance policy for dads who couldn't give a damn about 'fitness', or how big their biceps are - but do want a long, active life with their kids.

It's all about the tribe of dads!  We welcome dads of all shapes and sizes and get them up and running in no time. We're all there for the same reason and we support each other, having a good laugh along the way.  We run as a pack and never leave a man behind.

We take out of shape dads who are completely new to running, or haven’t exercised in a long while and rapidly get them eating up the miles with our 8 week 0-5km Accelerator courses. No matter what state you're in now, you'll leave our course much fitter and a confident, capable runner.

For dads who complete the 0-5km course and want to keep up the habit, or who already have the bug and want a strong community to run with, we offer our ‘Up A Gear’ membership.

It's not just about your waist-line!  Looking trim is nice and all, but ultimately, this is about having a better quality of life with the wife and kids - and being there for them, strong, active and reliable, for as long as possible.
Regular running brings a tonne of benefits that can enhance your career performance,  family life and longevity. 

Come on dads - time to win it back.  Let's get some miles on our legs.


Join us in the great outdoors at Nowton Park, where Run Leader and founder Stefan is looking forward to helping you put some miles on your legs and get seriously fit.

This club meets on Monday and Tuesday evenings, where we work hard and have a good laugh along the way.

You just need to decide which option suits your current level of fitness:
0-5km Accelerator Course
Meeting: Tuesdays at 7:00pm (+ optional homework)
Location: Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 5LU

Our 8 week Accelerator course is ideal for dads who are new to running or haven't exercised in a long while. Stefan (founder and Run Leader) is passionate about getting unfit dads (like him) up and running and will be waiting with a warm welcome and a 0-5km training plan to transform you into a fit, confident runner in just a few weeks.  

This is a progressive programme designed to ease you in, before steadily building the distance and level of challenge.  We begin with a run/walk approach, training at a low intensity, to minimising risk of injury whilst rapidly building up our endurance.
Each week we subtly increment the time spent running and the distance - before you know it, you'll be running 30mins non stop and eating up the miles!

At only £35 for 8 weeks of supervised, programmed training, it's great value.

Next course begins 7th April
Up A Gear: Membership for improver runners
Meeting: Mondays at 6:30pm
Location: Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 5LU
(begins May 2020)

For dads who complete the 0-5km Accelerator course and want to keep up the habit, or who can already run 5km in under 35mins and want a tribe to run with, we offer our ‘Up A Gear’ membership.

We'll keep you honest and give you the perfect excuse to get out of the house - not to mention join our regular socials. 

At only £15/month this works out at roughly £3 per session - we think that's pretty good value!

If you have any questions, or if you're thinking of joining but are still on the fence - we'd love to hear from you. 

Don't hang about: get hold of us using the email or number below and we'll get back to you ASAP:
WhatsApp / Mobile:

Feel like this is for you, but still mulling it over?
Here are some FAQs that might help:
What sort of kit do I need? 
- Comfortable and appropriate running clothing (e.g. a tracksuit) including a pair of training shoes
- Water in a suitable container
- Spare clothing, including warm and weather appropriate outer layers for use after the session
- As we will be running towards the end of the day, in potentially low light conditions we recommend a high visibility layer and a small personal torch
Is there an age limit?
Hell no. Provided you’re over the age of 12 (most dads are) then you are welcome to join the pack. There is no upper age limit – if you happen to be a grandad or even a great-grandad, more power to you. All we ask is that you are medically fit* to run
*I have an injury / medical condition, can I join?
The Run Daddy Run team aren’t medically trained, so we can’t advise on an individual basis. You must decide if you are fit to run – if you’re not sure, please check with your doctor.
It’s been a while – what if I can’t keep up?
Our 0-5km courses all begin on a circuit, so there is no need to ‘keep up’ and no risk of being left at the back.
We welcome dads of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels - and we run as a pack and never leave a man behind.
What if I can’t make all 8 sessions?  
No problem!  The increments in time/distance between each session are relatively small, so even if you miss a week, you should still be able to keep up in the next session . Also, there are two lots of optional homework each week, so you always have the option of keeping up in your own time, if you miss a group session.
Can I just turn up on the day?
No – these sessions take a lot of planning and we need to know who is coming, well in advance. We hate turning people away, so please be sure to sign up before arriving.
If you want to join the course part way through, get in touch and we can talk about it.
If I’m unable to complete the course, can I get a refund for the weeks I don’t attend?
Once a course has started we will not be able to offer refunds for any unattended weeks

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